“Liberty Valance” Gets A 1990s-Set Remake

Liberty Valance Gets A 1990s Set Remake

Screenwriter Chap Taylor (“Changing Lanes,” “The Blacklist”) has been set to script a feature drama inspired by the 1962 John Ford-directed Western classic “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” at Paramount Pictures.

Jimmy Stewart starred in the film as an idealistic lawyer who tries to bring law to a frontier town. John Wayne played a gunslinger who tries to teach him to defend himself while Lee Marvin played Valance, an outlaw headed for a showdown after the lawyer stands up to him.

Taylor will reportedly retain the story’s essentials but shift the setting to New York City in 1991, at the height of the crack cocaine scourge. The city’s murder rate rose to unprecedented levels as organized crime was breaking down – leaving everyone fighting for their turf.

The story follows a young college-educated black policeman who volunteers to be stationed in Harlem to make things safer and is teamed with a veteran Irish-American cop who has the best of intentions and not the best of methods. Matt Jackson is producing.

Source: Deadline