Liam Neeson Tops Jesus At Box-Office

The faithful may have come out for his son, but Liam Neeson proved to be the true god when it came to the U.S. box-office this weekend.

The Neeson-led action thriller “Non-Stop” took the top spot with an impressive $30 million which marks the third consecutive #1 opening this year for a non-sequel from Universal Pictures (along with “Lone Survivor” and “Ride Along”).

“Non-Stop” pushed Fox’s “Son of God” into second place, but the recut version of History’s “The Bible” still did stellar business with a very strong $26.5 million, far ahead of other Christian-themed movies of recent years (such as “The Nativity Story,” “Courageous,” “Fireproof”) which opened to less than $10 million each.

Both films scored critical drubbings yet had healthy A- CinemaScores from their audiences. Both films also easily beat their respective distributor’s expectations.

After three weeks at the top, “The LEGO Movie” was pushed to third place but still managed a very healthy $21 million and has generated $210 million domestically since its release.

Disney’s “Frozen” is expected to pass the $1 billion worldwide mark today with nearly $400 million domestic and over $600 million worldwide so far.

Finally, Paramount’s “Anchorman” sequel returned to cinemas with an alternate R-rated cut which made $1.34 million.

Source: Box-Office Mojo