Liam Neeson Talks “Taken” Sequel

Next week’s Liam Neeson-led thriller “Unknown” bears some similarities to 2008’s “Taken” and not just in casting. So, while out doing promotion for “Unknown”, the inevitable question of a “Taken” sequel came up.

Neeson tells MTV News that he was as surprised as anyone by the success of the first film – “I thought it was a good little B-movie when I first read it. I thought, ‘This is cool, very simple, maybe straight to video, but it’s a good little film, it’s a chance to do all that physical stuff.’ And then it just seemed to hit a pulse in people, it did very very well which I’m thrilled about and we’re hoping to do another one next year sometime.”

Asked if he knew the storyline, he said “Not really, no. [They’re] working on a script.” Asked if we might see a prequel to the original, he says “Yeah, I think so. I hope so” but added that it would likely require the film to be set during the Iraq or Afghanistan war.

Neeson also confirmed that he will not be re-appearing as Ra’s Al Ghul in the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises”.