Levy Talks “Sesame Street” Film Status

Previously set up at 20th Century Fox, the long planned film adaptation of the children’s TV series “Sesame Street” is now in the works at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Out doing press for “Arrival,” producer Shawn Levy confirms he’s set to serve in the same role on ‘Sesame’ and explains to ScreenRant where the production sits right now:

“Sesame Street is at Warner Bros, and we are right now working on a treatment for what I think is going to be a really imaginative and entertaining take on that beloved and decades old global brand. The trick there is to honor these characters that are beloved but in a movie that feels entertaining for the kids who we might bring to the movie but humorous on that second level for those parents who bring their kids. It’s early – we’re still at the treatment stage, but very bullish on that.”

Created in 1969 by Childrens Television Workshop and Jim Henson, the landmark public television series is set primarily in a downtown street in an unnamed city populated by humans, talking animals and other characters.