Levy Talks Robot Boxing In “Steel”

“Night at the Museum” director Shawn Levy (was that him last night doing a fun cameo on “30 Rock”?) spoke with Sci-Fi Wire the other day and confirmed some details about his next project, “Real Steel”.

The film is based on the short story by “I Am Legend” author Richard Matheson, and Levy says “Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer who can therefore no longer do the only thing he was ever good at and has to make his way in this new world.”

So its more about the human than the machine angle? “It’s faithful to the story in that that story was very much about a down-on-his-luck, slightly desperate journeyman who works in this robot boxing sport and who is desperately needing redemption and one last shot. The movie is more Rocky than Transformers” says Levy.

As for the robots themselves, “These are human built, human-scale fighting machines. They are built for human spectacle. People in this movie have gotten bored with human carnage and human violence. So in the quest for more, more, more, this sport has evolved to this.”