Levy Helms “Fantastic Voyage” Remake

Shawn Levy has been set to direct the James Cameron-produced 3D remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic “Fantastic Voyage” for 20th Century Fox reports Deadline.

The voyage revolves around a team of scientists who are shrunk to atomic size and sent in a miniature submarine inside the body of a scientist to save his life.

The film has been in development for sometime with Paul Greengrass attached last year while the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Timur Bekmambetov, Jonathan Mostow and Louis Leterrier met with Cameron about the gig.

Ultimately the choice of Levy is unexpected, but he has commercial appeal and has steered very profitable franchises for Fox including “Night at the Museum,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “What Happens in Vegas” and “Date Night”.

Shane Salerno penned the script which Laeta Kalogridis performed re-writes on.