Lethal Weapon, “Westworld” Rebooted

With the departure of longtime studio executive Jessica Goodman, Warner Bros Pictures are looking into reboots of a few high-profile titles she had in her portfolio which are now being reassigned to new executives reports Heat Vision.

The biggest surprise inclusion in the list is a reboot of “Lethal Weapon”, the 80’s action franchise about mismatched cops which benefitted greatly from the chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Also on the list are potential remakes of the Sam Peckinpah western classic “The Wild Bunch” and the Michael Crichton-penned “Westworld” about a robot attraction theme park gone awry.

Goodman was also overseeing remakes of “The Dirty Dozen,” “Oh, God,” “Tarzan” which have been active in recent years but have never quite come together.