Lethal Weapon & Trainspotting Sequel Talk

Out doing promotions for the new action thriller “Shooter, actor Danny Glover was asked by Latino Review – will there be a Lethal Weapon 5?

“No, no, no. I think it’s good with the four. It’s been nine years now since we finished Lethal Weapon (4). There was a lot of change in nine years. I think that for me and I feel for Mel (Gibson), it’s good to leave that behind” says Glover.

Meanwhile filmmaker Danny Boyle recently spoke with IGN Movies about “Porno”, Irvine Welsh’s sequel to “Trainspotting”, and whether he would be involved again with those characters?

Boyle confirmed he has the rights to the sequel, and “Trainspotting” adapter John Hodge has already turned in a very early script.

The catch is though that the actors simply aren’t old enough yet – “They need to have a bit of age. Our take on it is, their headiness — these guys who lived at the absolute brink, felt they were invincible and felt they could abuse themselves to the absolute limit – suddenly hit middle age. They’re in their forties and they look it — but they don’t really look it, those actors”.

He does add that they will re-visit the project once the original actors “get a bit older.”