Leterrier Talks Hulk & CG

Louis Leterrier, the director of “The Incredible Hulk”, recently spoke about his plans for Marvel’s second big budget attempt at turning the green giant into a franchise.

He tells Superhero Hype that the role of Bruce Banner is close to being signed with the rest of the cast soon to follow afterwards.

He adds that the film will see two villains. General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross, father of Bruce’s love interest Betty Ross, will serve as the main adversary.

The Abomination will serve as the secondary baddie. In the comics the Abomination was a KGB agent named Emil Blonsky who was exposed to the same radiation that Banner was.

He becomes a more sinister looking green creature with double the strength of the Hulk – two key differences though, he cannot revert to human form and he retains his mental faculties in this monstrous form.

Finally, Letterier indicates that whilst the Hulk in this film will be CGI for the most part, in some scenes prosthetics will be used.