Leterrier On More Hulk, America

“The Incredible Hulk” has still yet to open in certain countries, including France where director Louis Leterrier is currently doing a promo tour for the superhero flick.

‘Matthieu’ was in attendance at a screening in Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines last week and filed this report of what went down at the Q&A session afterwards:

“Regarding the sequel, he does not think there would be one, as the movie was not a huge success at the box office, and because he thought you could not tell the same story of “Hulk’s anger management issues” too many times. But he’s sure that Hulk will make a comeback in the Avengers movie, even if Edward Norton is definitely not contractually bound to do it.

Regarding the existence of a director’s cut of the movie, he said he was happy with the current movie and that the 40 minutes of deleted scenes will not be included directly in the movie (but he did not rule this out completely as he later talked about the possibility of seeing all of the scenes in seamless branching). More interesting was the fact that two main scenes had been cut from the movie:

-The first one happens in the beginning of the movie, in Antarctica, where we see Edward Norton trying to kill himself with a gun. This was cut due to the “R” status of this scene. When I mentioned the rumours that Captain America was supposed to have a cameo in this scene, he replied that this was just more a glimpse of his presence than a real cameo itself.

– The second one, with a clock time of 20 minutes, involves Ty Burrell’s character, and happens in Liv Tyler’s house, where Dr. Lennord Samson tries to understand the duality of Bruce Banner’s psychology. This scene was cut because it dragged down/slowed down the movie too much.

Finally, he told us that, as a Frenchman, he could not understand why Marvel was making “Captain America”, until he was shown details of the project and became enthusiastic about it, even asking if he could direct it, but Marvel refused. He said he could not tell us which director or main actor were involved, but it seemed these were settled issues.”