Let The Right One In Show To Go Darker

A few months ago came word that “Teen Wolf” show runner Jeff Davis was set to take on that role for a TV series adaptation of the recent horror classic “Let the Right One In” for A&E.

Appearing on Artist Alley, Davis says the recent renewal of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” for a sixth season has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works as he originally had no intention of taking on another show while “Teen Wolf” was still running:

“I have to be honest, I thought season 5 was it. I thought we were ending… I have no idea what’s going to happen with season six. Now I have the challenge of doing both, if we’re that lucky on Let the Right One In, to see it go to series. We’re still in the script stage.”

Davis confirms he does plan to take elements from the original Swedish novel and make them darker. He was also asked about he plans to expand on the work in a way that will lend the material to a TV series:

“[It] was only until I read the book. The book has details in it, and a broader story that I said to myself, ‘okay, now I can see the series.’ And I brought in another writer, a friend of mine, Brandon Boyce, who actually plays a doctor on [Teen Wolf], and we started pitching around ideas, and then we went off and sold it.

The pilot will have elements from the book, but tell a new, different story. It will be, if the series goes forward, a whole lot darker. I never imagined myself doing a vampire show, actually, but something about this one kind of captured me. I don’t know how involved with the show I’ll be if it does move forward, but we’ll see.”

“Teen Wolf” currently airs Mondays on MTV with the mid-season finale to air next week.