Let My People Go, No Let MY People Go

Genesis is too costly to make, the New Testament has been done to death (figuratively), Leviticus wouldn’t even get off the ground with all its minority bashing, Numbers can’t be trademarked, Deuteronomy sounds like a prostate exam. So Hollywood is going back to the well of Exodus with not one but two rival films about Moses gaining a lot of traction reports Variety.

The first is at Warner Bros. Pictures and is described as a great big epic about the Israelites’ departure from Egypt. Dan Lin (“The Departed”) is producing from a script by Stuart Hazeldine (“Exam,” “The Tripods”) and Michael Green (“Green Lantern,” “Heroes”). Funnily enough Hazeldine is also at work on an adaptation of “Paradise Lost” for Warners-based Legendary Pictures. Lin’s expecting a final draft of the Exodus-themed script “imminently”.

The second is at 20th Century Fox where former News Corp. president turned producer Peter Chernin is developing an “Untitled Moses Project”. Bill Collage and Adam Cooper (“Accepted,” “New York Minute”) penned the script which is now headed out to directors.