Lesbian Vampire YouTube Series Becomes A Film

“Carmilla,” a scripted comedy and lesbian love story YouTube series based on the cult 19th-century gothic vampire novella, is getting a feature-film remake.

Sponsored by a feminine-hygiene brand, the “Carmilla” online videos have generated more than 50 million views and has 250,000-plus followers on social media since first launching in August 2014. Set at a modern-day university, the story starts when a college student discovers that her original roommate has been replaced by a female vampire. A complicated love story soon follows.

The movie will be set five years after events of the current third season of the web series. In the film, Laura and Carmilla will have a brand-new mystery to solve. Members of the original cast of the digital series will participate in the film including Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis.

Alex Acoba has signed on to write the script with series co-creator and writer Jordan Hall. Smokebomb Entertainment will produce with plans for a Fall 2017 release. They are also developing other extensions to the franchise, including a live stage show and a TV series.

Source: Variety