Lennon, Garant Talk “Baywatch” Movie

The hiring of “Reno 911” creators and stars Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant to work on the script for a “Baywatch” movie was an inspired choice by Paramount Pictures.

Garant is also directing the film and nailing the tone of the project is a big issue. They recently spoke with Collider and confirmed that the script for the film is done and that it’s “basically Reno 911! with sexy people.”

Entitled “Baywatch: Red Tide,” the pair went back and watched some of the crazier episodes of the show to re-familiarise themselves with the 1990s series.

Garant says: “The plot of one of the episodes in the first season is that there’s a giant squid stealing people’s surfboards. That’s a real episode” and also commented on one second season episode which he describes as “The Shining in swimsuits, with Nicole Eggert.”

They call the film an action comedy that’s “Point Break-y”. They’ve also tried to get a little bit of the weird plots of the show into the script via various references.