Len Wiseman Talks Wolverine

“Underworld” director Len Wiseman heads to bigger budget action fare with the upcoming “Live Free or Die Hard” which he helmed. How well it does will impact where he may go from there, but one of the most likely places is at the helm of the first “X-Men” spin-off “Wolverine” it seems.

“‘Wolverine’ is something I was interested in way before I was talking to these guys about ‘Die Hard'” he tells Superhero Hype. “I think it would be a great story to tell, and in the case of that film, it wouldn’t be [as big] in terms of large-scale action, but it’s something I’m interested in, in his origin story and the character story with that, and I know how Hugh would play it, and that would be awesome.”

He adds “So that would be my passion for that is that I think the character story is really cool, and I’d love to see it and be there the first day [it opens] anyway. There’s so many things that have been going on and I know that there are so many other directors. There’s nothing set in any fashion, but it has been talked about.”

“Live Free or Die Hard” opens on Wednesday.