Len Deighton’s Works Adapted For TV

Oscar winning writer Simon Beaufoy (“Slumdog Millionaire”) and Clerkenwell Films are developing an 18-part TV series based on the works of classic Cold War espionage novelist Len Deighton.

The series will focus on the three novel trilogies about iconic spy Bernard Samson, an ex-MI6 field agent drawn back into active duty to uncover the truth about his wife’s defection to the KGB.

The first trilogy comprised the books “Berlin Game,” “Mexico Set” and “London Match”. The second was “Spy Hook,” “Spy Line” and “Spy Sinker,” and the third was “Faith,” “Hope” and “Charity”.

Granada made a 12-part TV series adaptation of the first trilogy back in 1988, then immediately withdrew it from release after the withdrawn at Deighton’s instruction. Quentin Tarantino has previously expressed interest in adapting the trilogy.

Deighton also famously created another iconic spy – an anonymous anti-hero in four novels. The character was named Harry Palmer in a trilogy of film adaptations starring Michael Caine in the role.

Source: THR