Lemony Snicket Sequel Still Happening

A few years ago Paramount hoped to turn “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” into a new film franchise – mixed reviews and disappointing box-office however meant it didn’t happen.

Now CineFools, talking with the film’s director Brad Silberling who at the Sydney premiere of “Land of the Lost” last night, says a sequel may happen after all.

“There was a period of time, about a year ago, where I would have said “Oh, good luck” because it was mired in so many things. It was a co-production between Paramount and Dreamworks and there were studio politics and I actually think it’s going to see the light of day. and I, he’s the writer of… is very friendly with Mr. Snicket I should say, we stay in constant touch about it, because I would love nothing more than to do that and we’ve been hoping to, so I think there will be a chance it may take a wildly different form but I think it will probably happen.”