Leigh Whannell To Helm “The Invisible Man”

Leigh Whannell To Helm The Invisible Man

Following raves for his work directing “Upgrade,” filmmaker Leigh Whannell has now signed on to direct a reboot of “The Invisible Man” at Blumhouse and Universal Pictures.

The project was originally slated to star Johnny Depp and was set to be a part of an interconnected series of films that began with the recent “The Mummy” remake. Not unlike Warners with its DC films, the studio has now ditched that ‘Dark Universe’ initiative in favor of standalone films.

That approach allows for filmmaker-driven projects based on their classic monsters legacy with no restrictions on budget, tone, or rating and with reigned in expectations.

Depp will not appear in the new “The Invisible Man” which Whannell is co-producing. The classic H.G. Wells story has been adapted for the screen several times, most notably James Whale’s 1933 film and the quite book accurate 1980s British TV mini-series adaptation.

Source: Variety