Leigh Whannell Talks “Insidious 3,” “Saw 8”

Australian writer/producer/actor Leigh Whannell attended this year’s SXSW Film Festival to promote his new effort, the crime drama “The Mule” which also co-stars Angus Sampson and Hugo Weaving.

Speaking with Bloody Disgusting, Whannell offered a quick update on the next round of sequels in two franchises he helped create – “Saw” and “Insidious”. Asked about “Insidious Chapter 3”, Whannell says:

“I can say that it’s not dealing with Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson’s characters anymore. We thought it would be best to wipe the slate clean and tell a new story. But Lin Shaye will be back and we will be back. It actually felt a lot like writing the first one because you’re dealing with new characters. You don’t have to follow the throughline of the others, it’s a fresh start. It doesn’t follow the ending of the second one.”

Whannell also suggests that all the talk about a potential “Saw VIII” is just that – random online chatter:

“You want to know about Saw VIII!? I’ve seen a lot of tweets about it. But I haven’t heard anything more about it yet. I don’t think they’re about to go into production on it quite yet, Lionsgate would let me know.”