LEGO Ninjago Before “LEGO Movie 2”?

With the runaway success of “The LEGO Movie,” the fact that Warner Bros. Pictures wants a sequel is no surprise. Now though they’ve hit a minor snag.

Warners has to decide in the next few weeks whether to go forward with not just a “LEGO Movie 2,” but also a stand-alone “LEGO Ninjago” spin-off movie. Dan and Kevin Hageman were hired to pen a script for the latter and began work in June last year.

Warners only has rights to one “LEGO Movie” sequel and a Ninjago spin-off film at present, but the deadline to green light a Ninjago film, already extended from this past November, is coming up.

If they don’t go through with a Ninjago film, Denmark-based LEGO may not want to continue on with Warners for further films beyond the “LEGO Movie” sequel.

If they do go through with it, it would strengthen the relationship between Warners and LEGO. However, making a movie based on the more “boy-friendly” Ninjago toyline is seen as a riskier proposition than the straight up LEGO Movie sequel which would likely come after.

If Ninjago does go forward, Charlie Bean (“Tron: Uprising”) will direct while Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord and Chris Miller will produce.

Source: THR