LEGO Movie Tops Oscar Snubs List

In the wake of this morning’s Oscar nominations, conducted a poll asking more than 1,000 ticket buyers what they considered the biggest snubs of this year nominations.

Coming in a clear winner was “The Lego Movie” missing out on an Oscar nomination for best animated feature. Indeed, this front runner’s complete absence has reportedly sent the actual nominees scrambling as now they have a real chance to score the award.

Coming in behind that snub was the lack of recognition for David Oyewelo and Ava Du Vernay, the two leading stars of “Selma”. The Academy has come under fire over the past nearly twenty-four hours due to all twenty of its acting nominees being white.

In fourth and fifth place were the lack of recognition for Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie for directing “American Sniper” and “Unbroken” respectively. Jake Gyllenhaal missing out for “Nightcrawler,” Jennifer Aniston not being nominated for “Cake,” and Gillian Flynn not being nominated for adapting her own novel “Gone Girl” into a screenplay also made the list.

The online ticketer surveyed more than 1,000 ticket buyers to get its results. In addition to “The Lego Movie,” audiences were upset that “Selma” was left out of many key categories. David Oyelowo’s exclusion from the best actor race and Ava DuVernay’s rejection from the director list were cited as the second and third biggest snubs, respectively.

The poll also asked about the biggest surprises with the nominations for Marion Cotillard, Bradley Cooper, Steve Carell and Laura Dern being the main ones.

Source: Variety