LEGO & “Doctor Who” Team For Game

Peter Capaldi’s current twelfth incarnation of The Doctor on “Doctor Who” will team up with Batman, Gandalf, The Simpsons and more fan favourites in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “LEGO Dimensions”. Ahead of Comic Con, the first trailer has debuted for the game which is due out September 27th.

The big deal with the game is that when Capaldi’s Doctor is defeated, he returns as William Hartnell’s First Doctor and then regenerates back up through to Twelfth Doctor again. This means all of the Doctors will be playable in LEGO form, even John Hurt’s The War Doctor.

Depending on which Doctor you play as, the interior of your TARDIS will change as well. Capaldi is the only Doctor providing voice work though. A jukebox in the TARDIS will also let you choose whichever version of the Dr. Who theme you want.

Talking about the game, Capaldi admits he’s not a gamer but is enthusiastic about this:

“I see it as a positive if it’s done to this quality. The demands and the ambition that the game makers have imposed upon themselves are very high; they’ve given themselves the task of creating something that’s very entertaining, very exciting, and dramatic. So I think as long as we’re trying to make material to a high standard, then it is good. If we’re just going to use these characters as marketing devices that aren’t particularly thought-through or exciting, then no. But that’s not where we are, and that’s the really exciting thing.”

“Lego Dimensions” launches in September for basically every console on the market.