LEGO Batman Is “Mann’s About A Boy”

On Wednesday we’ll get to see a first look at the trailer for “The LEGO Batman Movie”, but I got treated to a sneak peek of it myself last night.

Set almost entirely around Wayne Manor’s spacious living room, the scene involves Batman (Will Arnett) brooding over his dead parents and concern expressed by Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) over his previous ‘episodes’ which will make sense when you see the trailer.

Speaking about the film following those premiere photos in yesterday’s USA Today, director Chris McKay described the plot as Batman finding his world upended when his main relationship with his butler Alfred is challenged by the introduction of Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) and Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson).

To put it more succinctly, McKay describes the film thus: “Batman is an island onto himself, the only thing he doesn’t have is relationships. We’re making About a Boy as directed by (action director) Michael Mann.” McKay is deep in production in Australia completing the intricate animation work.

Also out today is the film’s first poster, check it out below. “The LEGO Batman Movie” opens next February: