LEGO Batman Is Full Of Easter Eggs

“The LEGO Movie” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are taking a step back from directing to just producing the upcoming spin-off film “The LEGO Batman Movie” while they turn their attention to the Han Solo prequel film due for release in 2018.

Chris McKay is taking over as helmer and in a new interview with Collider, Miller says McKay “is a real Batman aficionado and knows really arcane stuff” which makes him the perfect man for the job. They also indicate that much of the Caped Crusader’s long history will make it into the film which will be full of references for fans.

Miller says: “It is chock full of stuff for Batman aficionados. It is just a 90-minute Easter egg,” Lord then adds: “and it heavily honors the comics. So, it covers all the way through to Batman v Superman,” followed by Miller adding: “all the way through and to the future.”

“The LEGO Batman Movie” is due in cinemas early next year.