LEGO Batman Film To Cover Every Era

“The LEGO Movie” writing and directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are attached to produce the upcoming “Batman”-themed spinoff and briefly spoke with Empire recently about their plans for it and the larger “LEGO” film franchise.

First up, the pair claim that the new “LEGO Batman” will acknowledge all the various screen iterations of the classic character:

“Rest assured that every era of Batman filmmaking will be acknowledged. There have been so many interpretations of Batman and there is so much to play with there. There are 40 versions of his origin story alone.”

The pair also say that there are plans in place for a LEGO Cinematic Universe, despite each of the upcoming films like “Ninjago,” “Batman” and the main “LEGO Movie” film series being tonally different:

Miller: “The thing is about these movies is that each of them have their own tone and their own voice. We’re doing this Ninjago one with Charlie Bean, we’re working on the Batman one, and each one of them feels like its own movie, but obviously they all exist in the universe that the Lego movie existed in, and so finding that balance has been part of the trick.”

Lord: “It’s like we started with The Avengers and now we’re going to spin off and explore the different worlds, then come back.”

“LEGO: Ninjago” is currently slated for a 2016 release, “LEGO: Batman” is coming in 2017 and “The LEGO Movie 2” is hitting in 2018.