Legend Poster Turns Pan Into Rave

Reviews have been mixed so far for Brian Helgeland’s upcoming true story gangster drama “Legend” starring Tom Hardy in dual roles as the Kray twins. On Rotten Tomatoes it’s at 75% (6/10) while on Metacritic it’s an underwhelming 59/100.

Unsurprisingly it’s the British reviewers who’ve been more outspoken in their love for the film, many outlets giving the project strong praise and high scores even as the criticisms within the reviews have become common such as Helgeland’s routine direction and pantomime-ish approach and Hardy’s Ronnie coming off an almost broad villain charicature.

Full credit to the marketing people behind the film today though as a new poster using review scores from multiple outlets has resorted to some clever positioning and visual trickery to hide the fact that The Guardian’s review gave the movie just two stars – turning what was a pan into seemingly a rave. Even the reviewer himself seemed impressed.

“Legend” opens this week in the U.K. and October 2nd in the United States.