Leftovers To Be Rebooted For Season 2

HBO’s new drama “The Leftovers” looks to be undergoing something of a reboot for its second season.

Deadline reports that a large portion of the fourteen regular cast members of this year’s first season will not be returning for the second. The site says virtually all in supporting roles will not be back as the series undergoes a “creative reboot” and the action will shift to a new location.

So who is coming back? Justin Theroux and his onscreen family members Amy Brenneman, Margaret Qualley and Chris Zylka. His love interest Carrie Coon and Christopher Eccleston former reverend character are also commit back, whilst Liv Tyler and Ann Dowd’s characters may pop in (though likely in smaller roles.

The second season of the show is still being mapped out so these plans could change. As the Tom Perrotta book upon which the show was based used up pretty much all the source material in the first season, the shift in locale is said to be due to plans to explore the impact of the Sudden Departure on the world beyond that small New York town.