Left Behind Reboot On The Way

One of the earliest faith-based films on the market, Cloud Ten Pictures’ $4 million-budgeted “Left Behind” starring Kirk Cameron opened theatrically in 2001 and was followed by two further movies in the series reports Heat Vision.

Based on the novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, the story focused on the mythology of the End of Days and the Rapture with the first film unfolding just a few hours after the Rapture has occurred and focuses on those few people left behind on Earth.

Now, Cloud Ten is looking into a reboot of the franchise with this version sporting a budget in the $15 million range. Paul Lalonde and John Patus penned the script which opts out of the political thriller aspects of the original trilogy in favour of more conventional disaster movie aspects in an effort to reach a wider audience. A hunt for a director is now on.