LeBron Won’t Do “Space Jam 2” For Ages

Not long ago there was a flurry of excitement that a sequel to the 1996 part-animated sports comedy “Space Jam” was in the works following a production deal that NBA legend LeBron James signed with Warner Bros. Pictures.

James, coming off a raved about turn in the Amy Schumer comedy “Trainwreck,” was immediately labelled as the star of a “Space Jam” follow-up which was not confirmed at the time. Several months on, it seems no-one at the studio is in a rush to make the film.

Cleveland.com has done a report on the deal between Warners and James’ SpringHill Entertainment label. SpringHill president Jamal Henderson says of course the idea has been thrown about, but there’s essentially zero movement on it right now:

“It’d be crazy not to say that it’s something on the radar, it’s super on the radar, but it’s not something we have any news on. There’s no sort of start on it.”

No script seems to exist at this point, and in fact Springhill is still trying to figure out what its first co-production with Warner Bros. will be – even when that happens there’s no guarantee James will star in it. James can’t even entertain a discussion of his involvement in “Space Jam 2” until he’s finished with the Cavs this season at the earliest.

Springhill meanwhile remains busy with TV commitments as it’s involved with the production of four shows – most notably Starz’ “Survivor’s Remorse”.