Lebowski Jesus Spin-Off Already Filming?

Currently slaying it in HBO’s “The Night Of,” actor John Turturro is presently at work on “Going Places” – a remake of a French sex farce which he’s directing.

Today though, Birth Movies Death reports that the project isn’t quite what it appears to be. Rather it’s both a combination of that and another project Turturro has been talking about doing for some time – a spin-off of “The Big Lebowski” that will center on Turturro’s Jesus Quintana character.

The project reportedly began filming a week ago in New York State with a script by Turturro and a cast that includes Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tautou and Susan Sarandon.

The storyline will take its plot from the famously misogynistic 1974 comedy “Les Valseuses”. In this take two petty thieves, Turturro’s Jesus and Cannavale’s Petey, compete to give a woman (Tautou) her first orgasm after she’s roped into their scheme.

Sarandon also ends up in their company, playing a criminal who just got out after a long stint in prison. Joel & Ethan Coen reportedly aren’t creatively involved in the project.