League Confirmations, Hobbit Denials

Previously rumored names in the upcoming “Justice League” feature have now been confirmed.

First up 6’5″ actor and part time magician Armie Hammer is set as Batman/Bruce Wayne, as is Australian model Megan Gale as Wonder Woman.

One new name mentioned is Zoe Kazan (“In the Valley of Elah”) for the role of Iris Allen, wife of the second Flash Barry Allen and aunt to Wally West. There’s also talk that Woody Harrelson will play the role of Barry Allen.

Meanwhile one other rumor has been thoroughly quashed. Talk sprang up on the weekend at MarketSaw that Peter Jackson and New Line have officially called a truce and that Jackson would direct a two-part film adaptation of “The Hobbit,” shot in 3-D, beginning in 2009. AICN contacted Jackson’s camp who thoroughly dismissed the talk, saying Jackson is keen on 3D but nothing has been settled yet on the New Line front.