Lawrence, Studio 8 Set “The Last Duel”

Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 is in negotiations to acquire the film rights to Eric Jager’s 14th century France-set, true story-inspired novel “The Last Duel”. “I Am Legend” and “The Hunger Games” sequels director Francis Lawrence is attached to helm the project which will be produced by Erwin Stoff.

No writer is yet set for the film which deals with last legal ‘trial by combat’ in France. The dispute involved Knight Jean de Carrouges and the squire Jacques Le Gris with the former accusing the latter of raping his wife.

King Charles VI decided a duel would be the best way to handle the matter, and whomever was still alive at the end would be declared the winner. On top of that, if the squire won then de Carrouges’ wife would be burned at the stake as punishment for committing a false accusation.

Other films on Studio 8’s slate include an Albert Hughes-directed prehistoric tale of a young caveman and his wolf-dog, and a remake of the Chinese crime thriller “Overheard”.

Source: THR