Lawrence Plans “Neverwhere,” “Thieves” Series

“The Hunger Games” sequels director Francis Lawrence, his producing partner Erwin Stoff, and the Mark Gordon Company are teaming for two high-profile drama series adaptations.

The first is “Neverwhere,” an adaptation of writer Neil Gaiman’s urban fantasy BBC miniseries and subsequent novel. Lenny Henry co-created the original 1990s mini-series in which a man helps an injured girl, only to find himself pulled into the fantastical world of London Below.

The other is “House Of Thieves,” based on the just-released mystery novel by Charles Belfoure. Set in 1886 New York, a respectable architect finds himself blackmailed into helping a gang of thieves craft plans for robberies that even the smartest detectives won’t solve.

Lawrence is attached to direct both dramas, which he is executive producing with Gordon and Stoff.

Source: Deadline