“Lawnmower Man” VR Series On The Way

Jaunt, who recently produced director Doug Liman’s VR series “Invisible,” is planning a new take on “The Lawnmower Man” – the 1978 Stephen King short
story that was turned into the film adaptation of the same name in 1992.

Bearing so little resemblance to the source material that King sued New Line over it, the film was a twisted take on the “Flowers For Algernon” tale. Jeff Fahey starred as a mentally challenged greenskeeper who is experimented on by a doctor (Pierce Brosnan) using 1990s virtual reality technology.

He ultimately becomes an intelligent, telekinetic super-villain trying to upload his consciousness into the worldwide web. Though graphics have dated, the film teased virtual reality technology’s potential future usage from medical applications to full-body virtual sex.

The Verge broke the news but has no further details on the adaptation beyond it being “a VR realization of the film”. That makes more sense than a new adaptation of the original story which involves a man who hires a gardener, only to see the greenskeeper eat his lawnmower’s grass cuttings, sport grass for pubic hair, and ultimately kill and eat the man.

Jaunt is currently working on several other VR projects, including the sci-fi suspense series “Luna,” the Tye Sheridan-penned political sci-fi series “The Enlightened Ones,” the surreal stoner comedy “Bad Trip,” and a futuristic series about robots called “Miss Gloria”.