Law Out Of “Young Pope” Follow-Up

Before its release, Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Young Pope” was being set up as another serve of prestige drama for HBO. Upon its release though, critical reaction wasn’t so much gushing or dismissive so much as “wtf was that?”. A downright mad drama that only some seemed to warm to, the series still saw plenty of praise for Jude Law’s central performance.

Late last year Sorrentino confirmed he was already at work on a new season, and now it has been confirmed that one is on the way and is set to undergo more of an anthology style reset – with Law no longer involved.

Variety reports that rather than a second season featuring Law’s Lenny Belardo, the next outing will be titled “The New Pope” and has been dubbed a new spin on intrigue inside the walls of the Vatican.

The new series will have callbacks to “The Young Pope” and feature some recurring characters, but the focus is shifting to something different. The project will come after Sorrentino’s Silvio Berlusconi movie “Loro” which is shooting this Summer.

“The New Pope” isn’t expected to begin filming until Fall 2018 which implies a late 2019 airing.