Laurie, Chen On Not Returning To “Twin Peaks”

With 217 names announced the other week, you would think that pretty much every surviving member of the cast of “Twin Peaks” is returning for the David Lynch-directed upcoming revival of the series at Showtime. Certainly a bunch of familiar names are all set to return.

But what about the absentees? EW sought out several major cast members who weren’t on the list to return to see if they would be coming back. Piper Laurie, who played plotting mill owner Catherine Martell, responded with the following quote:

“I made it very clear to David and the team that I would be delighted to come back. I had a fantastic time on the original and won lots of awards. I’m surprised and I have no idea why I haven’t been called back. I did send a note to David that I would be delighted to return, but I think most of the material that I was in on the original didn’t really involve the darker aspects of the show, and I can guess maybe that’s where David and Mark Frost are going, but I really don’t know. My character was more on the silly, comic, fun side.”

The mag also reached out to Michael J. Anderson, Heather Graham, and Joan Chen – the latter played mill heiress Josie Packard and had storylines that intersected with Laurie’s. While the first two didn’t respond, a source for Chen said the actress was “totally OK with not being included in the revival” and says that “Lynch couldn’t find something for her or Piper Laurie that would make sense.”

The new “Twin Peaks” airs on Showtime in 2017.