Laura Regan Is Agatha In “Minority Report”

One question about FOX’s upcoming drama pilot “Minority Report” has been answered – they’re happy to recast the main roles from the Spielberg film.

Deadline reports that Laura Regan (“They,” “Mad Men”) is set to take on the role of Agatha, the most gifted of the three pre-cogs, in the upcoming sci-fi procedural series set a decade after the end of the 2002 sci-fi feature.

In the series Dash, one of the three pre-cogs who were the key to the Precrime division in the film, now struggles to lead a ‘normal’ human life and remains haunted by visions of the future. He soon meets a detective, Lara Vega, who is haunted by her past who just might help him find a purpose to his gift.

Samantha Morton played Agatha in the film and was reportedly offered the chance to reprise the role, an offer she turned down. In the series, she’s Dash’s deeply compassionate foster sister whose visions have more clarity than Dash and his twin brother Arthur.

Regan joins a cast that so far includes Daniel London and Li Jun Li.