Laura Dern’s “Star Wars” Role Revealed?

When the start of production on Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: Episode VIII” was announced, three new names were also revealed to be joining the cast of returning regulars from ‘The Force Awakens’.

One was Benicio Del Toro, whom we know is playing a character like Kylo Ren in that he’s torn between both sides of the force. Another was Kelly Marie Tran who will play a character joining John Boyega’s Finn on his solo adventure in the new outing. The third was “Jurassic Park” and “Blue Velvet” actress Laura Dern, but all details of her role have been kept secret.

Now, Latino Review claims to have scored a bit information about the part – indicating that the actress will play a Resistance soldier who butts heads with Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron.


Dern’s filming did not include scenes which were shot in Croatia over the past few weeks, instead she shot all her work at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom on a set built to look like a medium to large sized Resistance spaceship. The site adds that she seems to be playing a captain of a ragtag group of Resistance fighters who have seen plenty of battle.

They have details of two scenes being shot – one in which she says “they are the last of the Resistance” with her stepping in for General Leia who is receiving medical treatment after being severely injured. In the same scene, she and Poe share an antagonistic exchange. In the second scene Poe and his team take over her ship, even holding her at gunpoint briefly.

The site goes on to say “Star Wars: Episode VIII” might pay more of a homage to the prequel films and themes due to a larger political story arc in play. They also say this will be the first live-action “Star Wars” movie to ever feature scenes set on a beach.

In related news, EA and DICE have revealed a new trailer for the first full content pack for “Star Wars Battlefront”. Dubbed ‘The Outer Rim Pack’, it includes four new maps including two on Sullust and two on Tatooine along with new weapons, star cards and and two new heroes – Greedo and Nien Nunb. It’s available from March 22nd.