Latest ’08/’09 Release Date Changes

Due to the holiday season, release date changes have been minimal at best with studios staying away from rearranging their schedules over Christmas and New Years. Today though ‘Zephyr’ is back with some changes that have happened in the past few days:

The Spiderwick Chronicles has joined the other three wide-releases on Valentine’s Day, moving up one day from February 15th to the 14th.

Coraline, the Henry Selick-directed, Neil Gaiman-inspired stop-motion feature will come out February 6th 2009.

Swing Vote, the Buena Vista political satire starring Kevin Costner, Kelsey Grammar, and Stanley Tucci, will come out August 1st 2008. It is peculiar that such a political film wouldn’t be geared closer to Election Day.

As a result, Disney has delayed dog-comedy South of the Border from August 1st 2008 to September 26th.

Miracle at St. Anna, the Spike Lee-directed war drama starring James Gandolfini and Derek Luke, will come out October 10th 2008 despite the fact that the weekend already features six other wide-releases.

High School Musical 3, the third iteration of the cultural phenomenon that is the High School Musical series as well as the first theatrical release, will come out October 24th 2008. Despite its proximity to Halloween, it will not be going with its previously rumored “haunted” theme.

Phenom has been delayed from January 17th 2009 to an undetermined date.

Sony Pictures has replaced that film with Mall Cop, an Adam Sandler-produced comedy, which will come out on January 16th 2009.