“Last Jedi” Vehicles & “Han Solo” Title Leak?

A look at two of the new vehicles used by the First Order in Rian Johnson’s upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” have been revealed via Star Wars Show today.

One is the ‘Dreadnought’, a 7.6km-long “mandatory four class warship and has two enormous orbital auto cannons which can be used for larger-scale bombardments, along with 24 point defense anti-aircraft cannons.

The other is AT-M6, the ‘All Terrain Megacalibur Six’ – a mobile heavy artillery walker that’s a lot bigger than a standard AT-AT, and has movement more akin to a simian as opposed to the more elephant-like gait of the original AT-ATs. Check them out in the video:

The vehicle reveals come as more “Star Wars” licensed merchandise, specifically toy line catalog material for the upcoming Han Solo spin-off film, appears to have leaked that movie’s title – “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Whether it’s just a placeholder name though is unclear.