“Last Jedi” Leia & Poe Bond Explained

More information from EW’s new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” issue today, this time dealing with the late Carrie Fisher’s General Leia and her arc for the film.

Director Rian Johnson says Leia has been defined by loss throughout the whole “Star Wars” saga, starting with the loss of Alderaan. With her husband now dead at the hands of her son, the suffering she’s gone through will be touched upon:

“She’s just taken hit after hit, and she’s borne it, and she focuses on moving forward and the task at hand… watching the film, there’s going to be a very emotional reaction to what she does in this movie.”

Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron becomes “in some ways a surrogate son for Leia” says the actor as she also sees Poe as someone with the potential to become a great leader of the Resistance and so encourages him in that direction. Isaac says:

“Poe’s arc is one of evolving from a heroic soldier to a seasoned leader, to see beyond the single-mindedness of winning the battle to the larger picture of the future of the galaxy. I think Leia knows she won’t be around forever and she, with tough love, wants to push Poe to be more than the badass pilot, to temper his heroic impulses with wisdom and clarity.”

The Resistance itself meanwhile has changed, they’re now more akin to the Rebel Alliance indicates Johnson:

“A small band that’s now cut off, on its own, and hunted when the Republic is shattered… [they’re] isolated, and they’re very, very vulnerable. [They’re] put in a pressure cooker right away, and relationships crack and strain under that pressure.”

Despite Fisher’s death, her role will not be retroactively changed and those involved say her impact will be felt for years to come.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opens in cinemas on December 15th.

Source: EW