Lasseter On Disney/Marvel Animated Films

This Fall’s “Big Hero 6” is the first ever animated adaptation of a Marvel property at Disney. Yet, in many eyes, it’s not really seen as a true collaboration. The comic itself is obscure and consisted of only a few issues, the adaptation a relatively loose one, and it has no ties to Disney’s other existing Marvel works.

Disney Animation and Pixar’s John Lasseter seems to agree with that assessment. He was recently asked by Vulture if there have been any discussions between Marvel and Disney or Pixar to make an animated movie that could fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He said: “Not yet. No, we haven’t. If we went directly into the Marvel Universe, that would mean we’d work more directly with Marvel.” He adds that, aside from some screenings involving Marvel CCO Joe Quesada, “Big Hero 6” is very much a Disney film – “Without question, it was made 100 percent here [at Disney]. They [Marvel] had forgotten the books existed.”

Lasseter was also asked if he sees a similarity between the film and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” after all they deal with a motley crew of heroes who come together in an “inadvertent origin story” filled with humor, heart and high spirits: “They do feel like distant cousins. Guardians is a Marvel movie, but it’s sort of gone off on a different branch. It indicates that fans of superhero movies are willing to try new flavors. There are no mutants, and no people irradiated by gamma rays. We don’t call it a superhero movie. We call it a super nerd movie”

“Big Hero 6” is scheduled to hit cinemas at Thanksgiving.