Lars von Trier Does A “Nymphomaniac” Next

Controversial director Lars von Trier (“Antichrist,” “Dogville”) tells Screen Daily that he is considering making a film about “a woman who discovers her eroticism. The working title is ‘The Nymphomaniac’.”

von Trier, whose most recent project “Melancholia” is expected to premiere at Cannes in May, explains that he was considering two films for his next project – “One was The Nymphomaniac, the other was Dirt in Bedsores. I asked [producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen] which one he thought was the most commercial. He said that with a title like The Nymphomaniac, the film would already be financed.”

Comparisons are already being made to 1970’s classic “Emmanuelle”. However, considering von Trier’s penchant for dark subject matter such as the infamous genital mutilation scenes of “Antichrist”, don’t expect this to be a light and enjoyable affair.