LaPaglia, Pearce, Corr Are “Holding The Man”

Anthony LaPaglia, Guy Pearce, Kerry Fox, Ryan Corr and Craig Stott are set to star in “Holding the Man,” a film adaptation of the acclaimed Australian play which Neil Armfield (“Candy”) is helming.

The story covers a fifteen year love affair between two men in late 1970s/1980s Melbourne. The couple deal with disapproval, separation and, ultimately death.

Corr and Stott play the two leads, with the other three and Camilla Ah Kin playing their parents. The lead roles are tricky because the actors have to run the gamut from playing 16-year-old students to men in their thirties.

There also had to be chemistry, and Stott has to lose a lot of weight to portray his later scenes where he’s dying. The production will take a seven week break in order for Stott to drop the weight.

Shooting begins in Melbourne next week. The film production follows several successful stagings of a stage version around the world, most notably in Los Angeles earlier this year with strong notices for leading stars Nate Jones and Adam J. Yeend.

Source: Screen