Lantern Trailer, Thor Dates, Captain Rejects

Green Lantern
Comic Book Movie has posted a rumoured description of the teaser trailer set to debut next week with “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One”.

Amongst the highlights are Abin Sur crashing, a shot with Hal Jordan instantly changing into costume in front of his mate, Hal making a huge fist construct to right hook a bunch of bad guys, brief shots of Oa and Hector Hammond, and Hal going into hyperspace.

Much like the two “Iron Man” films in year’s past, Marvel’s “Thor” is scheduled to open a week earlier throughout the globe than in the US. According to the official site and with the exception of Japan (which gets it July 2nd), all major international territories like the UK, Australia, France and New Zealand are all set to get “Thor” in cinemas on April 28th or 29th, a full week ahead of the May 6th release in North America.

Captain America: The First Avenger
While JJ Feild will play the character of Union Jack in the upcoming ‘Captain’ film, director Joe Johnston has officially denied the inclusion of his fellow The Invaders squad member ‘Namor: The Sub-Mariner’. Johnston tells Total Film magazine (via CBM) that “talk about Sub-Mariner is just talk. The story is solidly about Steve Rogers.”

Meanwhile photos have also emerged of Chris Evans’ stunt double and the Hydra Tank on the set, those can be seen here.

Filming Dates, a site that lists production schedules for film professional, has confirmed that Sony’s “Spider-Man” reboot will begin shooting in December, “The Avengers” will kick off filming in February in Los Angeles, and “The Dark Knight” begins shooting this April in New Orleans.