Lantern, Hornet, Ga’Hoole Updates

Various outlets visited the set of “Observe and Report”, a new comedy from Jody Hill (“The Foot Fist Way”) starring Seth Rogen and Ray Liotta.

Whilst on-set, both Rogen and producer Donald De Line got talking about their upcoming projects – namely “Green Lantern”, “Green Hornet” and “Guardians of Ga’Hoole”.

In terms of “Green Lantern”, De Line says it’s still stuck in development and awaiting Greg Berlanti’s first draft of the screenplay. He re-iterated that Jack Black was NOT attached and the film is more of a “classic character origin piece” dealing with Hal Jordan he tells Collider.

As for “Green Hornet”, Rogen tells Superhero Hype that the film will be a “very intense” PG-13 action film. The project has NOT yet been greenlit, but he has been meeting with directors and things look to be moving forward and “would probably shoot sometime after [the Judd Apatow untitled project] so we’re kind of leaving that slot open.” Sony Pictures apparently responded well to a draft they turned in three weeks ago.

Finally talk turned to “Guardians of Ga’Hoole”, an animated adaptation of the 14-book bestselling kids series that Zack Snyder (“300,” “Watchmen”) is helming. De Line says when not working on “Watchmen”, Snyder has been busy on character designs and a screenplay to get the project ready for its 2010 release date. Also the first three books will constitute the first movie.