Lantern, Fockers, Jetsons, Yogi Updates

Yesterday I posted up a copy of Paul’s interview with “I Love You, Man” Director John Hamburg and Producer Donald De Line about that comedy opening on Thursday.

In it were some big updates on various projects but considering the way the online world has become so Facebooked and Twitter-ized lately, updates of over three sentences seem to be a real struggle for some.

For those who didn’t have the patience to read through the whole article yesterday – here are the good bits:

Green Lantern
“The status is, funnily enough, we are leaving for Australia Wednesday night with Martin Campbell, our director, to go scout in Sydney and Melbourne, and we plan on starting to shoot mid-September in Australia” says De Line. De Line also admits that “we don’t have a soul cast” and reiterates that this story is “the Hal Jordan version of The Green Lantern”.

Little Fockers
The third “Meet the Parents” film is moving ahead. “I don’t know if it’s officially a go movie, but I know everybody wants to try to make it some time in the next six months” says Hamburg.

The Jetsons Movie
The live-action version of that classic sci-fi cartoon is still a go. “In fact, Robert Rodriguez, who lives right here in Austin, has done a great draft of the script and we’re all talking with Warners right now about getting that together” says De Line.

Yogi Bear
“Yeah, very hopefully. That’s also on the tarmac. And Karen Rosenthal’s my partner on that, and we hope to be making that one at the end of the year”: says De Line.

I Love You, Man DVD/Blu-ray
One of the more notable elements of the comedy is Paul Rudd’s ending of practically every conversation with Jason Segel’s character with failed attempts at affectionate nicknames for his new friend. “There’s a whole sequence on the DVD called “Clavenisms: The Curious Language of Peter Claven.” Which is Paul Rudd’s character. And all the different, weird things…the malapropisms [he says]. There’s many in the movie, and hundreds more that we shot. There’s a whole run through Barry and Denise’s marriage (Favreau and Pressley)” says Hamburg.