Lakeshore Plays Thundercade Game

Lakeshore Entertainment has picked up the comedy spec script “Thundercade” by “Fanboys” co-writer Ernie Cline reports the trades.

Story centers on a videogame junkie who faces a midlife crisis when he discovers a young punk has beaten the world record he has held since his teens.

Determined to reclaim his place in gaming history, he and two friends escape their 9-to-5 lives for a shot to win Thundercade, the world’s ultimate gaming championship.

Cline says “Having spent countless hours playing Xbox with my nephew and listening to him trash-talk me, I fell in love with the idea of pitting older classic arcade-era gamers from the ’80s against teenagers — the Atari 2600 generation vs. the Xbox 360 generation.”

Lakeshore is fast-tracking the project and producing it.