Laika Resuscitates Henry Selick’s Film? No

Update: First Showing says they’ve received proof from a source that worked for Mr. Selick that Laika has passed on the project, as a result the film is essentially dead.

Original: Though Disney recently shut down the project due to cost cutting, Henry Selick’s latest stop-motion feature looks to have found a new home says Thompson on Hollywood.

Selick is reportedly in discussions with “Coraline” and “ParaNorman” production studio Laika to finance the project. Disney’s new chief Alan Horn wasn’t keen on the project due to its dark tone and slow production schedule.

Previously titled “ShadeMaker”, all that’s known about the story is that it involves two brothers and will include Selick’s unique brand of surrealism. If the deal works out, Selick would still be able to work out of his Cinderbiter studio in San Francisco.