LAIKA, Focus Team On Three New Films

“The Boxtrolls” animators LAIKA and distributor Focus Features are set to continue their partnership over the course of LAIKA’s next three projects. Universal Pictures International will release them in international markets.

This follows on from the success the pair have had with their previous three films together including “The Boxtrolls,” “Coraline” and “Paranorman”. The latter two have grossed over $100 million worldwide along with scoring critical acclaim.

In an official statement, LAIKA CEO Travis Knight says: “Focus and LAIKA are kindred spirits. Over eight years and three films we’ve forged an incredible bond over a shared love for, and commitment to, bold, distinctive, and enduring stories. Peter and his superlative team have created a welcoming home for original voices and enriching, challenging filmmaking. They’re the bravest studio in the world. We look forward to many ongoing cinematic adventures with our Focus/Universal family. The best is yet to come.”

Source: Screen